Georgia is the mother of eight puppies. I was happy to serve as a puppy handler for some cute photos to help them all get adopted. Georgia is a special story, because her “owner” was going to put her down when she was within days of giving birth. Fortunately, a caring person stepped in and took her to a shelter. Adore-A-Bull Rescue was called, and I was able to get Georgia just a day before she gave birth.

Her puppies all found homes, but sometimes an adult dog can be a challenge for fostering and adoption. Georgia needed basic training and human socialization, which she hadn’t experienced in her previous life. We looked for a home where she could be the center of attention without other dogs or cats. She was fortunate to find a Dad who could continue her training with lots of love and patience. Once a bit excitable, she now enjoys calmly watching the neighborhood goings-on through the window while her Dad works.

Georgia Adopted

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